Rules / Player Checklist

1.  Check In: All Tour players must personally check-in at least 30 minutes prior to the assigned tee times and be at the starting point at least 5 minutes prior to the assigned tee time. Failure to do so may result in a player forfeiting his tee time.


2.  Determining First Tee order: Spin a tee into the air horizontally. Upon landing, the player it points to will be next off the tee. Repeat. 


3.  Ball name and number must be declared on the first tee. It is also a good idea to place a special marking on your ball.


4. Keeping Score: Each player will be responsible for keeping score of ALL OTHER players in the group.


5.  Dress Code: The CAG Tour will strictly enforce a tournament dress code with no exceptions. Collared shirts are required (Short Sleeve/Long Sleeve Mocks are considered Collared Shirts), and no jeans, denims, jogging outfits, or sweat pants are permitted. Shorts may be worn. Rain suits are allowed. Refer to Code of Conduct for further details.


6.  Conduct: Members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance to the spirit of the game and in a professional manner at all times, both on the course and on course property. Unprofessional behavior (i.e., throwing clubs or balls, excessive swearing, verbal or physical abuse to other golfers/course staff/event staff, continuous problems with pace of play, cheating, etc) will be addressed with either warnings, stroke penalties, event disqualification, or tour expulsion. Refer to Code of Conduct for further details.


7.  Rules: All of the events on the CAG Tour will be stroke play as governed by the current Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA).


8.  Out of Bounds/ Lost Ball: If a shot is ( or has the possibility ) to be out of bounds. Play a provisional or take a penalty of stroke and distance if the ball is not found within 5 minutes.


9.  Carrying Clubs: All players are to carry their own bag or use a pull cart. I recommend only carrying items you need to make the bag as light as possible.  Any violations will result in disqualification


10.  Pace of Play: It is the responsibility of the players and groups to maintain pace of play and keep up with the group in from of them at all times. If you are holding up the group behind you, please let them play through. Please be responsible enough to not cause a back-up if you can allow a faster group to go ahead.


11.  Range Finders: Range finders shall be permitted.


12.  Speed Up Rule: To speed play, "ready" golf will be utilized. I.e. in some cases (of anticipated extended wait), players may continue if ready even though they do not have the "honor".


13.  Scorecard: Upon completion of the round, a master scorecard will be furnished and signed by all members of the group. The scorecard is to be handed to the CAGT representative. It is a good idea to keep your own copy of your scorecard.


14. Spectators: Spectators should remain on the cart path and have NO contact with the player. This includes verbal and visual instruction or comments. Spectators will be allowed to assist in the search for lost balls. Any violations will result in disqualification


15.  Questions: If there is any confusion of a particular ruling during play, (1) contact the CAGT representative working the event. (2) If unsuccessful, the other group members shall come to a decision on a ruling. If no consensus can be made, or if the player does not agree with the ruling, the player may play out a 2nd provisional ball to hole completion. Scores from both balls should be kept and the Tournament Director will make a final ruling upon completion of the round.

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Thanks for all of your communication. You are very organized and on top of things!! - Jennifer Asher

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