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Any male or female youth in the Greater Cincinnati area may participate with the following restriction. For the current season, the player must be have just completed one of the following high school years: 8th, 9th, 10, 11th, 12th. For example, if the year of the summer tour is 2011, players from graduation years 2011 - 2015 are eligible. Players in the 7th grade may request special consideration and may be admitted after review. You may send a request to


Membership Fees

Joining the Tour requires a standard $60 membership fee. This fee offers the following benefits:

  • Members receive their own web page listing full scorecard details for every event participated in.
  • Members receive discounted rates to participate in our junior events.
  • CAGT bag tag
  • CAGT golf towel
  • Member will be placed in drawing to receive 1 of 5 $100 gift cards that are randomly drawn at our Tour Championship.


Event Fees

Each Tour member will be responsible for paying course fees at each event. These will be $30 except for our Championship event.



Participation in any event will be open until 10 days prior to the event. Requests within the 10 day period will be handled on a case by case basis depending on course availability. Check with the Tour President during this period.




  • The CAGT will have 2 divisions: GOLD and SILVER. The GOLD division will be comprised of players with a 14 or less handicap for men's and 32 or less for women's. SILVER will be comprised of a 15 handicap or above for men's, 33 or above for women's. Players will request their own division. Final placement will be determined by the prior year's high school average as well as input from the high school coach. NOTE: The handicap divisor separating GOLD and SILVER may be adjusted.
  • Tee boxes will be based upon skill level. I.e. Mens GOLD will play at longer distances than Mens SILVER. All Womens tee boxes will be from the standard women's tee for the course.



Playing the Course

All events will be an 18 hole stroke play match for all players. Players must walk at all times during a stipulated round and carry their own clubs. Pull carts will be permitted. A player with a physical disability may request an exemption from this policy


Tee Times

Tee times will be posted on the CAGT website at least one week in advance. We strive to start most events at 9:00am - 10:00am which allows for travel. When possible we will offer a shotgun start.



Pairings will be created based upon the following progression:

  1. GOLD members will be paired with other GOLD members. Likewise, SILVER will be paired with SILVER.
  2. Similar skill levels ( i.e. handicap ) will be paired together to foster good competition.
  3. Every effort will be made to separate players from the same High School. The CAGT strives for diversity.
  4. Special Requests will entertained but not necessarily accepted.


Inclement Weather

In the event that weather forces a tournament to be postponed, the CAGT will first work to reschedule the event to a future date. If that is not an option, the event will be canceled. In the event of the cancellation of an event, the following policy will take place:

  • If less than 9 holes are played a full refund of greens fees or a rain check will be provided depending on course policy.
  • If at least 9 holes are played, but less than 18, a partial refund of greens fees or a rain check will be provided depending on course policy.
  • If all players play at least 9 holes, the event will be scored as a 9 hole event even if others had completed the full round.


Each member will receive points based upon their finish. Points will be given in 10 point increments based upon the number of players participating in the event and separated by gender and division. For example, if 30 players participate in the Mens GOLD division, 300 points will be awarded to the winner, 290 for 2nd place... and 10 points for 20th place. If ties occur, ponts will be shared. For example, if 2 players tie for 1st they will both receive 300 points. The 3rd place finsher will then receive 280 points.


Tour Award

GOLD Champions will receive custom embroidered golf jackets. GOLD & SILVER champions and runner-ups will receive trophies in recognition of their achievements. Champions are determined by total number of points. Ties will be broken playoff if possible or by the lowest CAGT handicap.


Championship Event Award

Our event will be handicapped which will allow all members an equal opportunity to win. Trophies will be presented to the top two finishers. Handicaps will be taken to two decimal places (i.e. 12.57) but if a tie does exist it will be broken by the lowest CAGT handicap. Members must compete in at least 3 Tour events prior to the Championship event to be eligible.


Tour Prizes

The CAG Tour will award 5 separate $100 prizes. Prizes will be in the form of gift cards to a golf related vendor. This vendor is currently TBD. Winners will be randomly drawn from all participating players on the tour. NOTE: NCAA rules prevent us from awarding these types of prizes for placement, so we will random draw so that everyone gets an opportunity! Members need not be present for this drawing

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Ben King

Ben King 2014: With 560 points Ben King is our Mens SILVER Tournament Runner Up. Ben had one Tour win, four 2nd place finishes and two 3rd place finishes. Ben was also 2nd in Tour pars and birdies. Congrats Be...

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I would like to congratulate you and the members on the 1st, of hopefully many successful years. The Cincinnati Amateur Golf Tour has afforded the participants an opportunity to play some of the top courses in the area, against the kids they will compete against in high school. - John Kinch

My players enjoyed it last summer and are looking forward to playing in the summer tour again. - Phil Heflin - New Richmond Varsity Coach

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